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Swiss Art To Go

An application created by the Society for the History of Switzerland Art

Swiss Art To Go

Everything you ever wanted to know about Swiss architecture, but were too afraid to ask!

Swiss Art To Go is designed to be your personal assistant with specialist knowledge of Swiss architecture. As the digitised version of the five volumes of the Artistic Guide to Switzerland (edition revised 2005-2012, 4500 pages), published by the Society for the History of Swiss Art, its memory is vast and always relevant. It contains 35,000 articles, based on the qualitative assessment of the authors of the Guide.

This means Swiss Art To Go can give you reliable information, gathered and checked by over 300 renowned Swiss art historians. But Swiss Art To Go offers much, much more. It is also an audio guide which knows exactly where you are and which can, if you so choose, inspire you with suggestions for visits which match your interests and your taste in architecture.


What is that house?

The Radar function allows you to identify the building or buildings in front of you in just one click, provided they have been listed and are within a radius of 150Â m. Want to find out more? Click again to bring up a complete article on the history of the building. And because Swiss Art To Go has the gift of speech, it can read the article for you, so that you can focus all your attention on studying the monument.


Is there anything interesting
to see in the area?

The map (which uses data from Google Maps) instantly displays the buildings and monuments of interest in a given region, which can be your current location or in any other part of Switzerland. Want to see more? Or less? Simply change the zoom level, and the number of points of interest will automatically increase or decrease. And, as with the Radar feature, one click will give you access to the complete description for monuments that interest you.


I've got an hour free.
What should I go and see?

If there is something interesting to see where you are, Itineraries will recommend one or more routes depending on the number of buildings or monuments listed within a 2Â km radius. For each route, this feature gives you the number of monuments to visit and the estimated total time it will take. Just click the selected itinerary and it will be displayed on the Google Map. All you have to do is follow the guide!


What if I'm interested in the Romanesque churches
of the Valais region?

Swiss Art To Go is your personal assistant with specialist knowledge of Swiss architecture. In this field, it has the answer to (almost) any question! Buildings by Le Corbusier or those on which he worked? 18th century mansion houses in Geneva? Churches with particularly beautiful stained glass windows in Zurich? Thanks to a multi-criteria search based on location, era, artistic style, building category or type of ornamental detail, anything is possible, including a full text search of the articles. As your assistant thinks of everything, it will give you the results of your search on a Google Map, or as lists sorted alphabetically, chronologically by construction date or by how close each is to your location.

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information & contact

Society for
the History of Swiss Art

Switzerland boasts a large number of buildings and objects which are of artistic and historic interest. As a public benefit corporation, active since 1880, the Société d’histoire de l’™art en Suisse (Society for the History of Swiss Art; SHSA) was founded to inventory, study and promote these monuments so that they can be appreciated by a wide public.

Over more than 80′ years, it has published numerous works, and is now extending its services to the digital domain. SHSA is intended to cater for anyone interested in Switzerland’s artistic heritage, whether they are 7 or 77, experts in art history or simply curious…


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An application created by the Society for the History of Switzerland Art